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Shad Top Case T37 Terra

The TR37 top case is designed engineered and made 100% in Barcelona. Made from hardened aluminium alloy a stronger and lighter type of aluminium which allows a reduced cross section of 1.2mm to obtain a minimum weight with maximum resistance. The TERRA BLACK EDITION is finished with scratch resistant powder coated paint. AISI 304 stainless steel hinges.Includes the patented (pending) “TERRA Lock System”. With an AISI 304 industrial grade stainless Steel structure and includes mechanism and a retractable carrying handle. The key innovation is the incorporation of the integrated mechanism and handle in the main structure of the case which creates a clean surface designed to increase security the mechanism also improves ergonomics while carrying the cases off of the bike. This patented mechanism and handle is multifunction: It allows to open remove and transport the case.The keys and lock cylinder of the TR37 are the new premium version from SHAD with a system that reduces the chance of theft. And a cover that stops dust from entering.Protection for your gear from adverse weather conditions thanks to the Water resistance of the case and its internal foam base reduces the movement of the load inside.Requires the installation of a SHAD Top Master and a mounting plate (not included). There are three options of mounting plates: SHAD standard plate (LSA-D1B591PA) the new Aluminium mounting plate or the new black Aluminium mounting plate (LSA-D1BTRPA2).The lock cylinders are easy changeable; in less than 5 minutes you can unify the top & side cases for use with one key. Third cylinder for the top case is included in the right-side case.Accessories (not included): Two-piece backrest (LSA-D0RI75) and expandable inner bag (LSL-X0IB47).