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The STREET SPORT collection is made for riders who want to combine comfort with a sporty feel for their everyday rides in the city and beyond. This is perfectly reflected in the RS range with this new ultra-innovative style leading the pack the RS1. Like its cousin the STUNT EVO2 the RS1 also uses helmet-inspired technology which went into the making of its AirgoProtech™ Sport metacarpal-knuckle protective shell.This glove offers softer lines matching the “sporty comfort” spirit of the RS range while highlighting the dynamic (you could even say “aero” dynamic) character of this style. The aesthetic approach may be different but the philosophy remains the same: a hard outer shell to withstand impacts and a soft inner element to absorb and distribute the energy of the impact with a honeycombed structure that allows for perfect ventilation. This is all optimized using an additional vent that sends the air toward the inside of the glove. Inspired by air ducts used on Formula 1 or MotoGP brake systems this is a signature element of the RS1 and is sure to be alluring to fans of design and aerodynamics. This soft ergonomic internal element means we don’t have to use comfort foam underneath the shells (which would obstruct airflow) as you’d find in most gloves on the market. These new shells made of 3 layered elements the result of research by our R&D department are making their debut exclusively within the RS1. They promise optimal safety since they cover the main joint and metacarpals. The RS1’s construction cleverly combines perforated full-grain goat leather on the zones that are most exposed or prone to heavy wear and Spandex a durable stretch fiber on the area that requires more flexibility. The goal here is to offer an ideal balance between comfort and protection along with a first-rate sensation at the controls. The 100% ultra-supple goat leather palm hosts an ERGO PROTECH® semi-soft honeycombed slider to protect the hypothenar without hindering your grip on the handlebars. The grooved neoprene outer surface of the wrist the PullN’Ride™ adjustment tab and the TPR + Velcro flap create a perfect fit and optimal support for the glove. The RS1 also features the Touch Screen™ system on the index finger and thumb so you can use your GPS and smartphone with ease without taking your glove off including for the zoom and camera functions.Comfort safety functionality and ultra-innovative design…the RS1 really does tick all the boxes but watch out: it’s for the most demanding riders first and foremost. You decide if you fall into that category…


• Perforated goat leather + Spandex™ topside construction
• Full-grain goat leather palm
• AirgoProtech™ ventilated metacarpal-knuckle protector with air duct
• ERGO PROTECH® honeycombed palm slider
• TPR finger protection with air intake
• Ultra-tough stretch Nylon fourchettes between the fingers
• Ergonomic wrist in fused neoprene
• TPR + Velcro adjustment flap
• Touch Screen™ system on the index finger and thumb
• CE KP1