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Retro-look, leather gloves for summer riding in style

High-quality leathers like goatskin, water-repellent suede, and cowhide provide the backdrop to unapologetically old-school block printing on these stylish, summer gloves. To upgrade the original, we added airflow details like perforated, drum-dyed goatskin leather between the finger seams to help keep your hands nice and cool.

Hold onto your handlebars
Vintage vibes meet top-spec technical performance in the Redhill. After all, suede isn’t just for blue shoes – these gloves use the extra grip of a brushed finish on the leather to reinforce pads on the palms and inner thumbs. Combined with a water-repellent finish to give a coarser texture, at these vital contact points you’re guaranteed a tougher, more tactile feel.

All-action aesthetics
The look might take you back in time, but the protection on these gloves is cutting-edge. Compact Temperfoam® stepping into the spotlight where fit and dexterity are paramount. Renowned for its impact-absorbing, self-contouring properties, this top-spec, technical material is used to optimum effect in the lining of the hard-shell armour at the knuckles, fingers, and palms.


Adjustment tab at cuff
Stretch lips at fingers
Stretch lips at upper hand


elastic at wrist
Hook-and-loop closure


Tricot liner
Thanks to its unique close knit weave pattern Tricot is smooth on one side, while sporting texture on the other side. This makes it sturdy and soft—ideal to use in a comfortable and durable liner that will hold its shape for a very long time.


conductive fingertip at index finger
Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.

conductive fingertip at thumb
Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.

Grip patch at palm
A grip patch is made with a texturized pattern to deliver a superb grip performance.

Grip patch at thumb

Short cuff


Perforated leather


Hard shell knuckle

PWR|Shield at palm
PWR|Shield is created with a unique knit technique which results in a fabric with unsurpassed cut, tear and abrasion resistance levels. This product is equipped with PWR|Shield at the palm.

Temperfoam® finger knuckles
The self-contouring foam is used in areas where mobility and fit are a must, like the finger knuckles. Temperfoam® comes in a solid version as well as a perforated version.

Temperfoam® palm slider

Temperfoam® underneath knuckle protector
Premium, comfort and protection enhancing, viscoelastic foam that molds to the rider's knuckles.

Outer shell material

Leather Connect Finger Tip
Never remove your gloves to answer your phone or use your navigation system again. The connect fingertip leather has been developed specifically to operate touch screens.

Cowhide has been used in this garment for optimal fit and protection.

Drum-dyed goatskin leather
Drum-dyed goatskin to assure durable softness

Perforated, drum-dyed goatskin leather
Perforated, drum-dyed goatskin to assure durable softness and allow maximum ventilation.

Suede leather with WR finish