REV'IT! Nitric 4 H2O Rain Pants

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100% waterproof, premium, over pants

With a waterproofed zipper along the entire length of the right leg and another running up to above the left knee, the Nitric 4 H2O rain pants are made to don in moments – with your motorcycle shoes or boots still on, obviously. Because when the going gets wet, time is of the essence.

Get back out there
Just unpack the 100% waterproof Nitric 4 H2O pants from the carrier bag and slide into its non-stick pant legs, zip up, make final adjustments around the waist and bottom hem, and get yourself back out there in no time at all.

Comfort is a safety requirement
The high-quality mesh liner doesn’t just allow for easy access, but also keeps the rain pants from sticking to the jeans or motorcycle pants you’re already wearing. That way you’ll stay comfortable, and comfort is a definite safety requirement in adverse weather. Visibility is another obvious one, we’ve tackled by incorporation plenty of visibility-improving reflection into the design.


Loose fit
The Loose fit is designed to prioritize both comfort and aesthetics. Unlike the Regular fit, the Loose fit has a more relaxed and generous cut which allows for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. This style also has a more casual look which adds to its appeal.