REV'IT! Javelin Socks

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Moisture-wicking socks to wear with riding sneakers

Take on the urban jungle with the Javelin socks. The 3D round knit construction of the Javelin actively manages heat and wicks moisture away from the skin. Specially designed to use with our collection of urban footwear.


Cushioned area at heel
Cushioned area at toes

Round knit construction with Lycra®
The round knit construction means that there are fewer seams used when creating this garment. Fewer seams mean increased comfort, support, and cooling in places where traditional seams could create unnecessary chafing or discomfort. By adding Lycra® to the round knit construction, it allows for more flexibility and stretch, providing an ideal fit to the end user.

Thermoregulation polypropylene yarn
By using a thermoregulation polypropylene yarn, this garment’s ability to draw moisture away from the body is increased, allowing sweat to dissipate so the rider stays cooler in warmer temperatures.

Outer shell material

Multi yarn polypropylene, polyamide and elastane round knit