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  • The rear tyre matches perfectly with the Pirelli Rossi IV front tyre, showing an outstanding versatility to very diverse riding conditions.
  • Differentiated rear tyres development based on the size to perfectly fit the requirements of each motorcycle and riding style
  • Superb grip while braking, thrust boost in extreme lean angles and brilliant traction exiting the corner
  • Lightening handlebar response to rider inputs and smooth feedback while cornering
  • WSBK-derived structures and contours
  • Silica-enriched Tri-compound rear tyre
  • Best performance on road use, on both wet and dry roads

Tri-Compound for 190/55ZR-17 and sizes above


PIRELLI engineers developed a racing-like structure, derived from World Superbike Championship expertise: DIABLO ROSSO™ IV features a 3-wire strand Lyocell structure which translates in a deformation ratio considerably lower than usual for street tyres. The net result of this is superb traction during full-throttle acceleration, regardless of the lean angle.


DIABLO ROSSO™ IV raised specific Rayon cord stiffness, obtained thought larger section of more twisted strands allows a lower end-count, adapted along the contour, differentiating stiffness lean angle by lean angle, supporting the dynamic needs for an outstanding riding experience. These characteristics deliver to the rider a great contact feeling alongside a solid stability sensation.


A dual compound front tyre is coupled with Cap&Base rears: a dual compound for low to medium displacement motorcycles up to 190/50ZR-17 and a tri-compound for Superbike and Hypernaked machines sizes 190/55ZR-17 to 200/55ZR-17.

Introducing an endurance-racing compound for sizes 190/55ZR-17 and 200/55ZR-17, the 5-zone layout moves the trade-off on high lean angles from wet grip to thrust boost to cope with the extreme cornering speed and the astonishing engine outputs of modern performance motorcycles. The soft full silica mid rubber strip ensures performance whilst delivering a safe sporty ride ? across all weather conditions.

Tread Pattern

As a distinctive sign for PIRELLI sporty products, DIABLO ROSSO™ IV tread pattern is developed around the FLASH™ icon: a couple of centre grooves which provide directional stability and ensures wear stability. FLASH™ is also accountable for water draining from the centre to outside the contact patch when upright. FLASH™ tails of varied length are distributed surround the centre design, outlining mid-lean grooves. Tails are a constitutive element of the tyre behaviour, providing the right tyre flexibility and efficient water evacuation and an absolute wear uniformity. Tread Pattern design of DIABLO ROSSO™ IV with slicker mid-lean areas evolves the DIABLO ROSSO™ III one, giving support at lean angles where water drainage is useless, which means over 35°. It is characterised by a large slick area on shoulders, which results in excellent grip and line holding while cornering at extreme lean angles. Besides the family feeling, tread pattern layout plays a relevant role in DIABLO ROSSO™ IV performance.