Oxford HotGrips® Premium Touring with V8 Switch

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Oxford Hot Grips are the perfect accessory for maintaining warm hands all year round/ perfect for using your summer gloves throughout winter or providing some additional warmth in summer. Provided with an easily mounted controller the Hot Grips have 5 different settings to dial in the perfect heat for varying conditions. All Oxford Hot Grips have a battery-saving mode that automatically turns off the grips if you forget to/ preventing permanent battery damage.


  • 5 heat settings.
  • Intelligent heat controller.
  • Fits 22mm handlebars.
  • Adjustable length Max 120mm - Min 110mm.
  • Optimised tread pattern.
  • Weatherproof design.
  • Simple installation.
  • Battery saving mode.
  • Switch technology.
  • Rainproof switch.
  • Draws under 4A.
  • Sealed for life.


  • 2x HotGrips
  • 1x Intelligent heat controller
  • 1x Metal bracket and fittings for mounting the heat controller
  • 1x Wiring loom/ cable ties and grip glue
  • 1x Instruction booklet and warranty form