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FIVE revolutionized motocross gloves with its MXF PRORIDER that literally broke all the rules. Establishing itself as an absolute benchmark in comfort and performance it was adopted by many pro and amateur riders alike. Now that it’s time to replace it FIVE is here with not one but two offerings (the MXF RACE and MXF1 EVO). Here’s the first of them: the MXF RACE. Designed for riders with a fluid light-as-air style who love being one with their machine and reject the idea of using any type of palm padding so they can better feel the controls and read the terrain it’s meant to be used with Soft grips (preferably). Because just as you don’t use the same level of tire firmness for every kind of terrain it’s important to select your grips carefully depending on your riding style or your preferences (and to match it with the right pair of gloves). The MXF RACE is impressive because it offers the sensation of wearing nothing at all. It’s like a second skin with its Nanofront™ palm an ultra-thin absorbent Japanese material that offers amazing grip which FIVE began using in motocross gloves with the MXF PRORIDER. Its ultra-thin ultra-tough stretch nylon topside construction and seamless heat-fused wrist construction help make it very supportive and comfortable overall. Its fourchettes (finger gaps) in 2:2 Mesh honeycombed fabric and its laser-cut perforations located at strategic points ensure perfect air circulation. What’s surprising about the MXF RACE is the level of precision you feel on the handlebars and the quality of each detail that makes it. Such as the anti-blister gel pad at the point of contact with the handlebars a solution that’s far more effective and comfortable than using “donuts”. Suffice it to say that the MXF RACE is already the top choice for the pro riders who participated in its development. It’s what will make the difference without a doubt leading you all the way to victory.Focus: Performance and precisionUse with Soft grips is strongly recommended.


• Ultra-thin stretch nylon topside
• Japanese Nanofront palm/ 0.4 mm thickness for optimum feel at the controls
• Fused stitch-free variable multi-layered wrist construction
• ErgoFit fourchettes in 2:2 Mesh
• Internal anti-blister gel pad on thumb
• Velcro® wrist closure
• Laser perforations on palm topside and thumb to evacuate perspiration
• Silicone print on palm index and middle fingers for better grip
• Closed-track use only