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Motul's Road Care Pack offers great value for money and comes with an impressive range of products that will assist in keeping street bikes and their riders looking their best. A terrific gift idea for the enthusiast and new rider alike.

  • Moto Wash - Powerful biodegradable cleaner & degreaser for the entire motorcycle. Efficiently removes all traces of grease, dust, soil, insects, brake pad residues, etc It dries evenly leaving an anti-corrosion film. Protects paintwork and varnish. Biodegradable
  • Wash & Wax - Wash & Wax Spray is a waterless cleaner that cleans and provides shine to all surfaces. Leaves a protective wax film for extended effectiveness.
  • Helmet & Visor Clean - Helmet & Visor Clean cleans the outside of the helmet and visor without leaving any marks. Anti-insect effect. Suitable for all helmets and for all visor technologies.
  • Scratch Remover- Scratch Remover eliminates superficial scratches from any painted or varnished surfaces: motorcycle fairings, helmets, etc.