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Because as a real Custom aficionado you enjoy taking your machine for a ride when it’s cold outside as conditions allow in other words as soon as the sun comes out (which makes it a lot more enjoyable…) it’s better to be ready with the right equipment.FIVE has thought of everyone who wants to ride in comfort despite the cold and in style at the controls of a motorcycle full of personality and we’ve been inspired by 1930s flight jackets from a time when aviators needed to spend hours in a freezing cockpit wearing warm durable garments. The Montana will delight you first with its quality and the suppleness and toughness of its full-grain cowhide leather specially selected and coated for a truly authentic look that covers the back of the hand and the palm. But the most impressive thing here is the feeling of warmth and comfort when you wear it thanks to its synthetic sheepskin lining around the wrist and the polar-fleece internal lining throughout the hand all the way down to the fingertips. There are two ways to wear the Montana: with the cuff rolled up or rolled down. The rolled-up position which highlights the sheepskin-style lining is secured with two snaps. And you simply need to fold the cuff down for it to cover or slip into your jacket as you wish…or in case there’s an unexpected rain shower. The Montana does not feature a weatherproof membrane (this isn’t its intended purpose) but the robust coated leather will most often suffice to protect you from a short light rain shower just as a real aviator jacket would. We’ve paid close attention to the bold vintage style of this piece as you can see in the embossed pattern that adorns the large nubuck palm reinforcement synonymous with durability and extra protection in case you make contact with the ground. And we haven’t forgotten the back of the hand: the small gusset on the wrist and the three impressive topstitches accentuate its resolute character. In terms of safety again the wrist closure promises to hold the glove perfectly in place if you take a spill. Whether you feel like Charles Lindbergh during his first crossing over the Atlantic aboard his plane the Spirit of St. Louis or you’re just a Custom fan who likes to cruise in the fresh air there’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate the qualities of the Montana.If Lindbergh were still flying today he’d surely consider the Touch Screen™ system on the index finger and thumb which is super-practical for handling a GPS indicator without taking off your gloves an ingenious invention…The Montana offers its rider a look that’s both unique and authentic along with cozy comfort much appreciated when you’re behind the wheel of a classic machine and it’s cold (and dry) outside.

TECHNICAL FEATURES• Tough coated cowhide leather construction (topside and palm)• Synthetic sheepskin lining and 5_WARMTECH™ thermal insulation on the topside• Nubuck palm reinforcement• Adjustable cuff length with snaps• Embossed graphic ornament on the palm• Velcro wrist closure• Touch Screen™ system on the thumb and index finger• CE Level 1