SHAD LSA-D1B591PA MOUNT PLATE Suit SH48/50/58/59/TR38/TR48 (Polypropylene)

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Big Mounting Plate made from polypropylene reinforced with 30% glass fiber. Designed in Barcelona to ensure a sleek and premium look on even the most modern bikes including when the top case is not installed. Engineered to create a lightweight and durable base for your top case reducing weight (almost 10% less) and adding strengthen through structural reinforcements such as recessed features and a honeycomb backside. Thus allowing worry free travel even on those most daring adventures.Hardware is included for mounting on most SHAD top master fittings (check compatibility on or directly on the bike’s rack. A 4-point anti-vibration kit is installed on the plate to protect the top case. The brake light (LSA-D0B29KL) can be mounted under the plate to increase visibility and is sold as an optional accessory.This mounting plate is included with SH48 SH50 SH58X and SH59X cases. Optional for TERRA cases TR37/TR48/55 and TR50 Terra Rear bag.