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Glove Five Flow Black Gloves

When you have to ride a motorcycle or scooter in the city, you might as well do it in style. The FLOW seeks to be elegant, comfortable, and practical for everyday wear. It’s easy to slip on and off, due to the inviting shape of its wrist and its integrated adjustment tab, It’s also protective, with its supple goat leather palm and honeycombed ErgoProtech® shell hidden underneath the tough, flexible stretch nylon that makes up its topside construction. It prioritizes suppleness and the smooth, sleek texture of its palm, which is effectively lined with a large leather and foam reinforcement on the hypothenar, to ensure a level of abrasion resistance that could be your saving grace if you take a spill. Equipped with the TouchScreen™ system on the index finger, the FLOW allows you to use your smartphone to find your way or keep in touch with your tribe. It’s the perfect glove that’s simple, tough, and affordable, to face the rigors of riding in the city. Available in black with bronze-colored trim for those who like an understated look, or in a graphic Skull & Roses version for fans of a more Rock-inspired look.


• Tough stretch nylon fabric topside
• Supple full-grain goat leather palm
• Lycra® fourchettes
• 3mm-thick foam hypothenar reinforcement
• ErgoProtech® one-piece metacarpal-knuckle protective shell with internal honeycombed structure, hidden underneath material
• Velcro® wrist closure
• TouchScreen system™ on index finger
• CE KP1