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Introducing the ACE Bike Front Cargo Rack System - the perfect companion for your beach adventures and beyond. Effortlessly transport all your beach essentials and more with this versatile rack.

Available in two options: the sleek front rack or the convenient rack and basket set, both beautifully finished in Matte Black. Load up and ride in style with ACE Bike Front Cargo Rack System!


  • Colour Coated Matte Black
  • Made from Tough Aluminium 
  • Max Loading 8kg
  • Rack Only Includes: Front Rack & Mounting Parts
  • Rack + Basket Set Includes: Front Rack, Basket & Mounting Parts
  • Overall Basket Size: 325mm L, 510mm W, 150mm H
  • Storage Size: 290mm L, 480mm W, 140mm H 
  • Weight: 4.5kg (of Complete Rack + Basket Set)

During install of the rack refer to FIG 1. & FIG 2. photos to use the spacers to allow the rack mount to clear the front mud guard bracket.

Note: Front Light will Require Removal entirely or you can relocate light to under the rack but you will need to space the light off the back board to install (refer to images below). The rack and basket set does add 4.5kg to your bike's steering so keep this in mind when ordering.